Member Spotlight – Karen Gleason

Need new ideas for dinner that are quick and easy? Just download this free app: Wildtree Meals and use referral code Q3Y3Q to find tons of healthy recipes! Karen Gleason with Wildtree is really helpful and loves making meals easy and healthy. Family dinner time is priceless and associated with all kinds of benefits!

Exciting Updates for Team Women

We’re excited to have a new look! Welcome to our blog where we’ll post member updates and events that Team Women is involved with in the community.

Things to note from this week’s meeting:

Ali Maresh of Tech Break gave an insightful and thought provoking presentation about technology and productivity. “In an age of information overload, we can’t seem to look away from our screens. Whether we’re checking our phones, scrolling through a news feed, or refreshing our e-mail, we are constantly connected. This can come at a cost, especially for today’s working professional. Being “on” typically means being interrupted, which can impact our productivity, stress levels, and overall well-being.”

We had a guest this week that has some exciting news! Susan Chwae of Eat Smart Culinary Guidebooks has an article in this week’s Isthmus!

We’d also like to welcome aboard Otehlia Cassidy of Madison Eats Food Tours to our group!