Member Spotlight – Karen Gleason

Need new ideas for dinner that are quick and easy? Just download this free app: Wildtree Meals and use referral code Q3Y3Q to find tons of healthy recipes! Karen Gleason with Wildtree is really helpful and loves making meals easy and healthy. Family dinner time is priceless and associated with all kinds of benefits!

Member Spotlight: LaRae Riggs, Capitol City Transfer

LaRae Riggs, moving consultant for Capital City Transfer, Inc., goes above and beyond a typical move assessment and gets to know her clients. If she notices a pet in the home, then she’ll give special specific advice for how to make the move less stressful for the pet. Moving is not only stressful for people but for pets too! Every part of the move is important to LaRae and she pays attention to all the details to make it go as smoothly as possibly for everyone, including your beloved pets! If you or someone you know is planning a move, give LaRae a call!

Capital City Transfer, Inc.